National Research Project

National Research Project of the New Materials Research Laboratory of GHS & Kumoh National University of Technology

GHS & 금오공과대학교 신소재연구실 국가연구과제
State Project title Supporting organization Budget Development Period etc.
Complete Development of Non-Precious Metal Catalyst Unit Cells for Alkaline Membrane Water electrolysis Ministry of Science and ICT/ Innopolis. Gumi 38 2021.10~2022.01 prototype development (5x5 cm2 stack cell)
Development of transition metal oxide multi-junction tandem technology for synthesis of solar CO2 conversion methanol National Research Foundation of Korea 80 2021.03~2026.02 prototype development
Development of next-generation all-solid-state Li-ion battery electrode process technology National Research Foundation of Korea 78 2022.08~2023.08 prototype development
Development of high-reliability EMC camera housing parts technology for (small and medium) self-driving vehicles Ministry of SMEs and Startups 66.8 2021.06~2023.05 prototype development
Performing Development of Powerless Hydrogen Production Device and Parts and Materials Commercialization Technology using Double-Sided Photovoltaic Cells Ministry of SMEs and Startups 43 2021.06~2023.12 prototype development (PV-EC)
Development and Commercialization of SiP Cell-Based Electrochemical Green Hydrogen Generating Device Technology Ministry of Science and ICT/ National NANOFAB Center 650 2022.01~2023.12 Technology transfer
Development of flexible Zn-Air secondary battery technology for electric vehicles and electronic devices Korea Technology and information Promotion Agency for SMEs 150 2023.05~ 2024.04 prototype development
Low-cost, high-efficiency green water electrolysis device with hydrogen production function with non-precious metal electrode process technology Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development 100 2023.05~ 2023.12 prototype development& Verification
Development of high-reliability AI die casting terminal plate technology for (small and medium) secondary batteries Ministry of SMEs and Startups 123 2023.04~2025.03 prototype development
Development of large 5G repeater housing technology through the development of (small and medium) die-casting AI alloy materials and friction welding technology Ministry of SMEs and Startups 447 2020.11~2024.11 prototype development

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